Translational Tissue Engineering Center (TTEC)

The mission of the TTEC is to blaze new trails in the fields of tissue engineering and immunoengineering, while training tomorrow’s top researchers and accelerating the delivery of regenerative medicine technology to patients.

TTEC was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between the Wilmer Eye Institute and the Johns Hopkins University of Biomedical Engineering, to establish a focus in research, education, and industrial development in the field of regenerative medicine.

Elisseeff Lab

The mission of the Elisseeff Lab is to engineer technologies to repair lost tissues. They aim to bridge academic research and technology discovery to treat patients and address clinically-relevant challenges related to tissue engineering. To accomplish this goal, they are developing and enabling materials, studying biomaterial structure-function relationships, and investigating mechanisms of tissue development to practically rebuild tissues.

Kristine Glunde Lab

The Glunde Lab is within the Division of Cancer Imaging Research in the Department of Radiology and Radiological Science at Johns Hopkins Medicine. The lab is developing mass spectrometry imaging as part of multimodal molecular imaging workflows to image and elucidate hypoxia-driven signaling pathways in breast cancer. They are working to furthur unravel the molecular basis of the aberrant choline phospholipid metabolism in cancer. The Glunde Lab is development novel optical imaging agents for multi-scale molecular imaging of lysosomes in breast tumors and discovering structural changes in Collagen I matrices and their role in breast cancer and metastasis.